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We never thought we would be true homeowners for a while as we struggled with the down payment issue. A week ago we became true homeowners, title is in our name and mortgage is in our name!! The property is everything we dreamed about.

We are so grateful to you for making this come true for our family.

Clayton & Shar Whitney, Calgary

My friend told me about you folks. The more I researched your home ownership program the more I liked what I heard and read. I simply didn’t have all the money needed for the down deposit required on a home so your home ownership program fit perfectly for my current situation. You guys were great to work with in helping us find our new home.

BTW…  the property is perfect. We are so happy here. Can’t thank you enough!

Pierre Cyr

We were going to do a rent to own and then checked out your Percentage Ownership Calgary’s website. It really is a far better way for us to go about owning a home than what we were offered in all the rent to own deals we checked out. You folks really came through for us. I kept on asking you guys “are you sure we can’t make this happen” lol. I’m sure we drove you crazy!!  As well you took great care of all the after sale issues, which was over and above what we asked for.  We really appreciate  your service and have no hesitation in recommending you.

Tracey & Kyle Chadwick