Thank You For Submitting The Application

Unfortunately, We Can’t Proceed Just Yet

As mentioned on our website, Percentage Ownership requires average credit and above to qualify.

If Your Credit Is Below 625…

You may be mistaken. Your credit may be higher than you think.

If your credit score is above 625, please give us a call to inform us.

587-225-8667 or  Click Here To Send Us An Email

If you wish to verify your credit to be sure, watch the video below:

If your credit is below 625,
Do you have a family member or friend that can qualify for you?
If you do, please get them to check their credit score.

If their credit score is above 625 and they wish to help you,
Great! You’re on your way.

Please ask them to submit a new application with their name.


If Your Credit Score Is Below 625 And Don’t Have A Family Member Or Friend That Can Qualify For You…

Our suggestion is do everything you can to build your credit.

Here is a website to help you improve your credit score: How To Improve Your Credit Score:

Once your credit is above 625, give us a call.